Exhaust Gas Cleanup And Recovery System (U.S. Patent 9,981,220)

Our patented disruptive technologies reduce harmful emissions of CO2, SO2, NOx, VOCs, Hg, and incorporates carbon capture and storage (CCS).
  • Significantly reduces CO2, SO2, NOx, and Hg emissions from Land and Ocean Industries
  • CO2 is captured and stored
  • Proven efficient emissions control system cross industry
  • Carbon negative footprint
  • Creates a positive impact on the environment.
Our Competitive Advantage:
  • Cost effective
  • No infrastructural changes necessary
  • Direct connection to exhaust gas stream
  • Continuous and universal emissions control
  • Exceed all emissions standards for CO2, SO2, NOx and Hg
  • Universal land and oceanic industry emissions control
  • No harmful waste material.
  • All waste material are safe and consumable commercial products.